Loyalo System Business - Terms of Service

1. General
This document regulates the terms of service of Loyalo System. Your use of loyalosystem.com is subject to these Terms of Service.

2. Definitions

2.1. Terms of Service - this document.
2.2. System - Software and services provided on loyalosystem.com, that lets you introduce a loyalty program to your company, with features described in the paragraph 4.
2.3. Company - a company Bizo Mobile sp. z o.o. registered in Cracow, Poland (address: ul. Borkowska 25B/30 30-438 Kraków).
2.4. User - A person or company registerd in loyalosystem.com using Loyalo System Business.
2.5 Client - User's client participating in a loyalty program in User's company.
2.6. Prices - List of prices for using Loyalo System. Any change of the prices doesn't imply a change of these Terms of Service. Prices are available on: www.loyalosystem.com

3. Copyrights
A Company Bizo Mobile sp. z o.o. registered in Cracow, Poland (address: ul. Borkowska 25B/30 30-438 Kraków) is the only copyright owner of Loyalo System Business.

4. Services provided

4.1. A Company will provide following services according to prices:
4.1.1. Android App Loyalo Business used for check-in management in User's branch.
4.1.2. Dashboard Panel available on: app.loyalosystem.com
4.2. A Company has the right to change the services and functionalities at any given time.

5. Access to Loyalo System

5.1. A company provides a service through Internet.
5.2. User can use the System on any computer or Android phone connected to the Internet, after accepting this Terms of Service and registering in the System.

5.3. Client can participate un the Users' loyalty program free of charge

5.4. Client get points for each purchase he makes according to rules that the User establishes. For example for every 1 US dollar spent, Client gets 10 points.

5.5. Each point in the Client's account can be exchange by the Client to a reward according to the rules established by the User. Points can be exchanged only in the User's business.

6. Service terms

6.1. User gets a free access to the System from a moment of registration according to the Prices. After the free period, User is charged according to the Prices.
6.2. If a User doesn't pay for a service, he keeps the access to the free version of the System according to the Prices.
6.3. A Company keeps the right to suspend the access immediately to any User, if a User violates these Terms of Service or acts against the Company, or acts against the law. In this case a Company may block access to the System to a User.

7. Payments

7.1. Free version of the System is described in Prices.
7.2. Access to a full version of a System is provided for a fee according to Prices.
7.3. A Company will issue an invoice 7 days after payment.

8. User's data

8.1. User owns all the User's data put in the System.
8.2. By accepting these Terms of Service, a User accepts that a Company will process his data in order to provide a service of loyalosystem.com.
8.3. User can accept also processing of his data in marketing purposes.

9. Company's responsability

9.1. A Company will put all its effort to ensure that the System works correctly.
9.2. A Company will protect User's data.
9.3. A Company is not responsible for any losses or damages caused directly or indirectly (including losses of User's company income) by using or not beeing able to use the System.
9.4. A Company is not responsible if a User uses the System incorrectly. A Company is not responsible for User's computers and mobile devices or lack of Internet connection in User's branch or workplace.

10. Change of Terms of Service

10.1. A Company keeps the right to change these Terms of Service at any time.
10.2. A Company will inform Users about any change of the Terms of Service on www.loyalosystem.com or app.loyalosystem.com.
10.3. Every change of these policy has to be accepted by a User in order to use the System.

11. Governing Law

Terms of Service and any transactions between a Company and the User are governed by Polish law and all their provisions shall be construed accordingly.

12. Refund Policy

If a User is not satisfied with the product, then he should inform the Company within 30 calendar days of purchase, and he will get a full refund.